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Help farmers make plant care decisions based on accurate greenhouse data.


Let the robots cyclically monitor the plants and the powerful software analyze the collected data. If problems are detected, the robot can immediately intervene (spraying, pruning)


I am FRAVEBOT (FRuit And VEgetable roBOT). I am well aware that plant monitoring plays a vital role in effective growth and harvest. I regularly supervise the pollination and health of plants in the entire greenhouse, in this way I take care of the agronomists´ routine work, who thanks to me can focus solely on essential decisions, supported by the obtained data. My care will enhance the efficiency and quality of the harvest and reduce the need to use fertilisers and chemical treatments. I am the future of your greenhouse. 



The FRAVEBOT technology development takes place in the form of a training in a virtual environment and in a laboratory. It takes care of real tomatoes on the Ráječek family farm in the heart of Moravia, where it helps agronomists control plants in a modern way with an emphasis on an environmentally-friendly approach. The basis of effective production is monitoring and prevention. FRAVEBOT carefully scans each plant, describes its condition and sends a report if a disease or pests are detected. At the same time, all obtained data serves as support material for future decision-making.  FRAVEBOT is the ideal helper for growing the most profitable crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, vines or plants for living facades. 


FRAVEBOT is based on the interplay of several modern technologies. A robot on an autonomous cart featuring high-end optical equipment for studying the condition of plants uses artificial intelligence and cloud data sharing. FRAVEBOT can evaluate flower pollination, fruit maturity, plant diseases and pests in real time. In addition, early intervention in the affected areas reduces the need to use chemical treatments. The operation is based on the LOTYLDA DL platform for data collection and analysis using deep learning, making it a smart tool for quality control or predictive maintenance. The LOTYLDA system is developed by a Czech company, OptiSolutions.




Modular robotics system for horizontal and vertical farming.

fravebot tablet appliaction

Lotylda AI


Analytic platform for plants carring based on data about about diseases, detection of insects and environmental data of greenhouses. A predictive model of harvest or disease spread.

FRAVEBOT robot in greenhouse


Are you interested in what I can do? If you, too, wish to make the harvest more efficient, increase its quality and reduce the agronomists´ workload, get in touch. I look forward to helping in your greenhouse, too.

Best regards,


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